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Comfort-Life 2 - Technical details

Excellent braking in the wet

Improved tread pattern design with more gripping edges ensures high safety and short braking distances on wet roads.

Effect: Optimized braking performance in the wet.
High aquaplaning safety

High aquaplaning safety and short braking distances on wet roads thanks to optimization of groove shape.

Effect: Efficient dispersion of water

Optimized handling characteristics

Better distribution of tread stiffness in the ribs combined with sloped lug edges ensures safe handling on both straight and extremely winding roads.

Effect: Improved transmission of lateral and longitudinal forces.


Optimized groove-shape for water transportationEfficient water dispersionHigh level of aquaplaning resistance and short braking distances on wet roads
Improved tread designMore gripping edges for excellent wet brakingSafe braking through short braking distance in wet conditions
Shifted block structure in the shoulders and tread centerOptimized contact between tread-blocks and road. Frequency peaks are distributed equally, thereby creating a constantly low noise levelComfortable driving - constant quiet ride in all driving conditions
Optimized stiffness distribution in the tread-pattern ribsIncreased transfer of lateral and longitudinal forcesOptimized handling characteristics - top performance on straight, curvy and winding roads

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