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Car packing tips for four different vacation types

From adrenaline adventurers to camping crews, from city combers to sand stars: depending on the type of vacation, the requirements for the right packing prior to a trip by car differ. How? Tire manufacturer Semperit presents four classic vacation types with their packing preferences and provides tips on how everyone can start their car trip safely and relaxedly.


Summertime is travel time. Despite all the challenging circumstances and two years of hardship, Europeans’ desire to travel is unchanged. The car is not only for families the number one means of transport this year when it comes to planning the next holiday trip: 55 percent of Europeans travelling on holiday use the car. Before the trip, however, it is important to properly stow one's belongings in the car. But how can the trunk, which always feels far too small, be loaded effectively and safely? The answer: it depends on the vacation. For, as different as the type of downtime can be, so are the challenges of packing. While the beach lover can’t go without their swimsuit and eBook reader, the surfboard or mountain bike is essential for the sports freak. For the self-sufficient camper family, the electric cooler must not be left home, and city vacationers on a discovery quest want to be prepared for any eventuality.

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The adrenaline adventurers

For the sports-mad vacationer, it is a point of honor to travel to the sea or conquer the next Alpine pass with their own sports equipment in their luggage. Renting on site? Out of the question for most adrenaline adventurers! But that also means that the bigger and bulkier the equipment, the more carefully you have to pack. Or can you afford to adjust the size of your car to your sports equipment at any time? No? Then smaller sports equipment definitely belongs inside the car, as long as there is enough room for other luggage. But what about when the number of people traveling with you and the sports equipment increases? In that case, the trunk is possibly no longer sufficient. Then, for example, a classic roof rack is the right choice. Particularly bulky luggage such as canoes or surfboards are well suited for this type of transport, because their shape is similar to that of the vehicle. However, be careful with e-bikes: the electric components significantly increase the weight resulting in problems with the permissible roof load. In general, a rear carrier is more suitable for the bikes of the entire group. This has less of an impact on drivability than on the roof and allows easier handling and positioning of the bikes. By the way, the batteries belong inside the car during transport. Finally, if you observe the permissible total weight and the legal requirements at home and in the destination country, you can start your active vacation relaxedly.

The camping crew

Larger groups and families, in pairs or alone: even the freedom-loving campers know their way around maximum payload, total weight, height restrictions and trunk Tetris. Meticulous attention is paid to the weight of the equipment. Every nook and cranny in their vehicle is used to the full. Manufacturers compel by offering ever more high-tech for the safety of the space- and weight-saving camping equipment. Camping travel enthusiasts who also want to boast with their knowledge at the motorway service area should check the road rules and regulations for caravans and motorhomes in the respective vacation country in advance. Take Switzerland, for example: caravans are not allowed to use the left lane on three-lane highways there. Likewise, there must be an additional safety connection between the trailer and the towing vehicle, which is fastened with a special eyelet or bracket. However, the so-called "Holland eyelet", which secures the breakaway cable to the caravan, is also tolerated.

The city combers

Comfortable sneakers for the sightseeing tour, a jacket for the visit to the premium restaurant and, of course, the high-quality camera equipment are indispensable for the classic city traveler. As a chameleon among the various types of vacationers, they leave nothing to chance and are usually prepared for all eventualities. Ideally, they are also prepared for the dangers of theft or car break-ins. Of course, this cannot be completely prevented. But a few tips help to minimize these risks. These include avoiding dark corners with known higher crime rates and not leaving valuables or original documents, navigation systems or smartphones in a parked car for anyone to see.

The sand stars

Beach lovers may have less to do with such regulations when traveling. The main thing is to get the vehicle as close as possible to the beach of their dreams. A free sand peeling in the passenger seat is practically already part of the vacation feeling. However, caution is required when handling air-filled water toys for small and large swim fans such as air mattresses and the like. While these are usually still in their original packaging and easy to stow away on the outbound journey, the following applies at the vacation destination: the hotter the car parking space, the higher the risk that item – inflated and stored in a heated car – will burst. If you are traveling with a small bag for pure beach enjoyment and have too much rather than too little space in the trunk, you can prevent your luggage from slipping by laying out a rubber mat.

Good preparation is half the vacation

Whether you're a sand star, adrenaline adventurer, camping crew or city comber: when it comes to loading up the car, it's also worth considering in advance what really has to go on the trip. Have you ever thought about renting the trendy new branded SUP board and the bicycles for the whole family on site? Or to ask at the campsite or hotel if there are any free shady spots or umbrellas? Not to mention checking the weather forecast at the vacation destination to pack the right clothes in advance.

How trunk Tetris works

Once that's settled, the golden rules apply to all vacation types: keep storage and foot areas clear, store heavy items at the bottom and pay attention to the maximum allowable gross weight (see car owner's manual). If all luggage is placed next to the car before packing, this overview can help avoid dragging out the Tetris game. In addition, the possible sliding of luggage plays a role, as does the height of the trunk.


Important to minimize many risks even before the start of the journey: always adjust the tire pressure and the headlight position to the increased total weight! Since the correct tire pressure can vary depending on the model, the detailed information on the official pages of the vehicle manufacturer is helpful. Stickers in the glove compartment, the tank cover or on the frame of the driver's door provide brief orientation when on the road. 

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