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The WINTER series for regional and long-haul operations in regions with cold winters.

Winter D2+

Winter F2

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The new WINTER series is designed for regional and long-haul operations in areas with cold and severe winter conditions. Thanks to optimized compounds and interaction between the tread pattern and compounds, the D2 and F2 winter line can provide excellent grip on snow and wet surfaces, with great balance of mileage, wear shape and tread durability.

  • Two-season tread design, in order to give you the best grip in winter and good mileage from spring until autumn
  • Good wet performance over the lifetime, due to deep sipes
  • Excellent winter performance and good wet traction owing to a new compound
  • Optimized lifetime traction due to longitudinal grooves with zig-zag shapes, full-width sipes and deep pocket sipes

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