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Moving tips from Semperit for the start of the semester:

How to get to the first home of your own stress-free

February 2023 – The new semester and apprenticeships are beginning and moving season is well underway. Passion and energy go into planning the move to great freedom. Those who can tend to use their own vehicle. Tyre manufacturer Semperit provides tips and helpful hints on how to get everything to your new home in one piece.

For many, it’s the first major step towards independence: studying or starting an apprenticeship means moving from the home of your parents to the first home of your own. You’ve decided what to study or where to do your apprenticeship, you’ve signed the lease, your address and internet connection are all set – now it’s time to get packing. 

Damit der Umzug nicht zum gefährlichen Abenteuer wird, ist die vorzeitige Planung das A und O. (Bild: Semperit / Adobe Stock)

To prevent the move from becoming a dangerous adventure, planning ahead is key.
(Image: Semperit / Adobe Stock)

1. Good planning is essential

Anyone who has ever gone on a trip of more than a week’s duration knows that a packing list can save you a lot of disappointments and problems while you are away. The same applies to moving – just in XXL format. In this case, it makes sense to kill two birds with one stone: packing plus clearing out. So the packing list (which can be digital on your tablet) will contain not just things that can’t be left behind but also things that are to be given away, sold or disposed of before the move. Since students often have to live on a tight budget, any purchases of new items, e.g. furniture, need to be carefully considered. Second-hand treasures can often be found at flea markets or on the internet, making it unnecessary to buy things new – which will save you money. When it comes to what’s to be packed, you’ll need the right packaging material in addition to the plan. Classic moving boxes are available for purchase in any DIY shop. Those who plan smart in advance can ask for boxes in shops and supermarkets and collect these at regular intervals – banana boxes, for instance, are stable and free of charge. There’s almost no such thing as too many boxes. Before a box of books falls apart under the weight of the load, it’s wiser to move a few items to an additional box. For fans of green oases, it’s important to be careful when moving sensitive indoor plants! More care can make a big difference when it comes to protecting plants against autumn temperatures and risks of crushing. Bubble wrap and newspaper are ideal packing materials. Plants with offshoots can be additionally wrapped up in jute or bast.

2. A strong team makes everything easier

Friedrich Schiller once wrote: “Even the weak become strong when they are united.” What some German literature students learn in theory when they read the classic “Wilhelm Tell”, others have been able to experience in actual practice in the course of moving. That’s why it’s a good idea to recruit a strong team of friends and family that provides support in the form of action. By the way, those who lend a hand in the moves of friends and acquaintances should have no difficulty finding suitable helpers. With these helpers, things will usually fall right into place:


The power couple always gets things moving

There’s no separating them since they do everything together – even carting boxes. No matter how heavy and no matter how far – the power couple can really get things moving. Equipped with a carrying strap, roller boards or a rented hand truck (available at any DIY shop), the power couple manages three floors with the washing machine in next to no time. But be careful! Before the dynamic duo heaves heavy appliances into a vehicle, it’s a good idea to check the tyre pressure and adjust it as required – and be sure to do this no matter whether the move is made using your own vehicle or a rented one. By the way, the recommended pressure can be found either on the tank lid, on the door panel or in the operating manual. For a move involving a lot of heavy items, the tyre pressure should be 0.1 to 0.2 bar higher than the specified pressure. The tyres will thank you as they will thus remain longer in service and safe.


The “feel good” manager ensures a good atmosphere

On moving day, this person can be found all over the place, dispensing good advice or a cold drink, but is often nowhere to be found when there is heavy lifting to be done. It may be a back problem or the claim of having two left hands – this person has excuses galore. Why they are still needed? This person keeps spirits high with a steady stream of snacks and a funky playlist and turns the move into an experience. Tip: a charged boom box, a few giant buttered pretzels or the phone number of a local pizza delivery service – that’s all the “feel good” manager needs to get the job done.


The Tetris queen makes no compromises

The most unlikely things can happen during a move: mattresses or boxes can block the sight of the rearview mirror or passengers may be short of breath because the seat needed to be moved completely forward to make space. It’s enough to make the Tetris queen throw her hands in the air in exasperation. As a space-planning genius, she knows for a fact how dangerous it is to have no rear view and that heavy boxes belong in the back. She will put her talents to optimum use if she’s kept in the loop before planning starts. Then her magic will have an effect not only during packing but also in the choice of a suitable vehicle. If in doubt, a Sprinter is never the worst option; students can rent one at an affordable rate. For those fortunate enough to have a car with a trailer hitch, it is possible to rent a trailer at similar terms and conditions. But also in the case of larger loading capacities, the skill of the Tetris queen is needed – because she makes no compromises when it comes to safety. Otherwise, when you take that first curve at the latest, you may hear an alarming thud from the loading compartment. Another advantage of the Sprinter: in addition to the driver, there is room for two more helpers for the move.

3. Communication on-site is key

And then the big day finally arrives. However: who ever said that a move needs to be finished in a single day or weekend? While many shared flats or the landlord will set a specific moving date, it may pay off to ask about this again. What is often the case: the room or flat is vacant somewhat earlier and the move can be spread over several days. This makes it possible to get some items such as plants, mirrors, glasses or vases to the destination beforehand, stress-free and safely, using your own car. Well-timed communication is therefore critical – especially when it is anticipated that there will not be enough helpers available for one big moving day. And another thing that absolutely needs to be coordinated: are there sufficient parking spots by the entrance? Is it possible to reserve a parking spot in front of the new domicile for a few hours from the local council? Is the stairwell free of dangerous hindrances?

With the right planning, the move will ultimately not feel that lengthy. Then it’s time for this: take a load off your feet on the new couch and enjoy your freedom.

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