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Technical Details

Trust in Exceptional Winter Abilities.

Drive with confidence, no matter the conditions. Snow hooks and grip edges allow superior handling in deep snow. The sipe concept positioned in various angles results in an efficient interaction with snow surfaces during acceleration and braking.

Semperit ALLSEASON-GRIP Dry Performance

Balance on wet surfaces.

The tread pattern design helps disperse water on the road during braking and cornering. The V-shape pattern leads to an effective water and snow slush drainage for balanced stability in wet driving conditions.


High Precision when cornering.

Added stiffness and well-balanced structure of the shoulder blocks lead to precise handling. So, you are in control when it comes to cornering in any situation the cold season has to offer.

Wet Performance

Attractive pattern and striking off-shoulder design.

This new tyre is with its attractive pattern and striking off-shoulder design a true multi-talent.

The integration of the mountain silhouette on the sidewall is a real eye-catcher.

Wet Performance




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