Semperit All-Season tires

Semperit presents new All-season tires for cars and vans

Hanover, May 2020. Semperit, the long-established tire brand with its Austrian heritage, has added all-season tires for cars and vans to its portfolio in the shape of the new All Season-Grip und Van-All Season models. Both models deliver a balanced package of handling properties for year-round use. The All Season-Grip car tire is available in 30 sizes for 13-17-inch rims, suitable for compact to mid-range cars and medium-sized SUVs. The Van-All Season tire is offered in 13 sizes for 15-16-inch rims suitable for most popular models of van. With these tires, Semperit is adding two new safe, reliable and balanced products to the available range on the growing all-season tire market.

Semperit AllSeason-Grip

All Season-Grip for safe driving in summer and winter.

With its directional tread, the All Season-Grip was developed to meet high safety requirements in hot and cold seasons alike. On dry roads its stable block geometry with linked V-shaped shoulder blocks and central tread band make for short braking distances, stable cornering and a very precise steering response. On snow-covered roads the V-shaped grooves designed for ideal traction deliver reliable grip, with the large number of sipes in the center of the pattern providing additional gripping edges. Another advantage of the V-shaped pattern is rapid displacement of water and slush from the contact patch. Additional wet-weather stability is provided by the sipes and tread blocks: They penetrate the film of water to deliver extra grip.

Like all Semperit tires, the All Season-Grip is provided with wear indicators (marked TWI on the sidewall). These indicate the mandatory minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. To offer drivers additional safety, the tire’s developers have also provided a winter wear indicator located in the tread grooves and aligned with the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol on the sidewall. This indicates the 4 mm minimum tread depth for tires suitable for winter use that is required by law in Austria and below which no such tire may be operated on wintry roads.

Semperit Van-Allseason

Van-All Season for safe and economical year-round use.

All-season tires need to offer a high level of safety in wintry conditions too. Which is why, with its newly developed angled tread grooves, the Van-All Season tire from Semperit is designed for high grip. Another newly developed feature is the zigzag sipes that provide grip on icy roads. As a result, the Van-All Season offers great adhesion and short braking distances on typical wintry roads and icy surfaces. On summer roads the wide shoulder ribs and interlinked ribs at the center of the pattern stabilize the tread and ensure safe handling. On wet roads the water is rapidly displaced by the wide tread grooves. This enables the Van-All Season to deliver high dynamic stability and safe cornering under high loads and in all weathers. To ensure very economical operation, a new tread compound was developed which raised the bar in the tire development community’s efforts to resolve the conflicting interests of low rolling resistance, high mileage and all-season suitability. The tread pattern was specially developed with this in mind, with the focus on low rolling resistance and high mileage. The outcome is a highly efficient Semperit tire for van operators which can be used all year round.

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