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Fitness with car tyres - Effective workouts to get in shape

From a discarded tyre to a steel body

The tyre change rule of thumb

Every year around Easter, winter tyres get removed and summer tyres are mounted. The rule of thumb is to change tyres in the E-O, O-E rhythm, i.e. summer tyres are driven from Easter to October and winter tyres from October to Easter. If you want to be more precise, you can mount your summer tyres if the temperature remains higher for a longer period of time. In Austria, for example, the period of the situational winter tyre requirement must also be observed. But before switching, the condition of your tyres must be checked.

Sustainability of summer tyres

Tread depth requirements

Tyres require a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm to comply with legal requirements. In addition, your tyres should not show signs of wear such as holes, scratches, shock fractures, dents, or cracks to avoid failures.

Semperit tread depth tyres graphic

Along with tread depth and signs of wear, you should also pay attention to the age of your tyres. Tyres should not be older than 10 years. The rubber compound becomes harder and harder over the years, which results in considerably longer braking distances, even if there is still enough residual tread depth. Old tyres should therefore be replaced quickly.

A second life for your tyres

Where to put old car tyres?

Either your tyre dealer will take back the old ones when you buy new tyres or you can dispose of the tyres through a certified waste disposal company. Since 2013, used tyres can no longer be stored in landfills. They must be broken down into their individual components and disposed of by specialised companies and this process is very costly. Another way to breathe new life into the tyres is called upcycling, i.e. the recycling of old tyres into things such as flower boxes, furniture or baskets. There are no limits to creativity in how old tyres can create new everyday objects.

But did you know that discarded tyres make excellent devices for dynamic strength exercises or body fitness exercises?

In this way, you can not only make your car fit for summer, but also your six-pack. This type of upcycling of car tyres is ideal for the "Farm Fitness" sports trend. This is where old tools from farms such as chains, tyres or iron hammers are revived for sports exercises. Also heavy flour sacks or water bottles can serve to strengthen your body.

The important thing is that the exercise equipment can withstand any weather and be durable because Farm Fit is practiced outdoors, in any weather and without mercy. This sports trend is not entirely new, but is rather a mixture of Crossfit and Street Fitness, where it is primarily about converting existing everyday objects into sports equipment. Just a little bit harder!

Street fitness in your own garden

Physical exercises with tyres are suitable for people who like to be outdoors in the fresh air.

With just one fitness device, a car tyre, a variety of training variants can be carried out to build strength and endurance. For all those who want to try this sport at home, we have just the right exercises:

Description: Place the tyre in the middle in front of you. Place one leg to the left and one leg to the right of the tyre. Now jump from one leg to the other until your thighs are burning.

Muscle group: Sports exercise for strong thighs.

Benefits: Tyre jumps help improve your running speed and increase your jumping power.

Tyre jumps

Description: Take the tyre and lie on your back. Try to push the tyre up to the sky as often as possible and slowly back down again.

Muscle group: Training for steel-hard triceps.

Benefits: It's a slow, controlled movement to train your triceps.

Triceps training

Description: Stand broad-legged with the tyre on the ground. Take the tyre in front of you, bend onto your knees and then push yourself back up into a standing position. In this exercise, pay attention to keeping your spine straight.

Muscle group: Workout for thighs and pectoral muscles

Benefits: This exercise not only trains your thighs, but also the pectoral muscle, which contributes to improved posture.


Semperit Sport with Tyres 6
Semperit Sport with Tyres 1

Description: Place the tyre on the ground. Stand to the right of it. Jump through the tyre to the other side with your legs closed. Now, do a push-up before you go back through the tyre with closed legs to the other side.

Muscle group: Entire body

Benefits: Lateral jumps develop strength and mobility in the legs and improve stability in your ankles, hips and knees. The additional push-up trains your arms and upper body.

Tips for your new summer tyres

When temperatures skyrocket, it’s high time to check the condition of your summer tyres. Are they fit for another season? If not, do not dispose of them immediately, rather start with our special class of fitness exercises. If you need new tyres for your vehicle, here are some tips to help you buy new summer tyres:

  • When purchasing new tyres, pay attention to the production date. Sometimes tyres are stored at dealers for a few years, which results in signs of ageing in the rubber compound. The production date can be found on the side of the tire itself (DOT number). Up to 5 years after production, tyres are considered as good as new.
  • Which tyre dimension is the right one for your summer tyre can also be seen on the tyre sidewall, in your car’s logbook or on the inside of the driver's door, fuel filler cap or glove compartment.

Pay attention to the EU tyre label. This label helps you make informed decisions about tyre-related road safety, lower CO2 emissions and higher fuel savings.

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