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Maintenance technology

Markings on the tyre – for your safety and even wear

The SPI and SAI markings are located in three places on the tyre, offset by 120° in each case, and always appear together with a marking on the tyre shoulder. This ensures that both indicators are visible from any perspective.

Semperit Performance Indicator (SPI)

Improved safety through visual tread depth

The risk of aquaplaning increases significantly when the tread depth reduces, and the braking distance  also increases disproportionally. The SPI helps you recognise critical pattern depths and make the correct decision when to change tyres.

When the tread depth reaches 3 mm, the WET + symbol changes to WET -, indicating the reduced performance under wet conditions.

Similarly, the DRY + symbol changes to DRY - when the tread wear limit has almost reached the legal minimum tread pattern depth. A tyre change is now urgently required.

Semperit Tyre Maintenance-Technology technical detail

Semperit Alignment Indicator (SAI)

Improved cost effectiveness through visual alignment

Incorrect wheel track alignment causes uneven tyre wear and reduces the service life of tyres considerably. The SAI enables you to recognise incorrect axle configuration in time. For a longer lifespan of your tyres.

The SAI checks the uniformity of wear on both sides of the tyre. During the first 2,000 km, the indicator profile changes with increased tread pattern wear. If the display shows a different profile on the inside of the tyre to the outside, you should have your wheel track alignment checked by your tyre specialist.