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Technical Details

Handle corners with surprising ease.

If the road is dry as dust the new tyre convinces with good handling and short braking distances. When driving around a corner, excellent stability is always guaranteed. In this way, driving becomes even more enjoyable.

Semperit ALLSEASON-GRIP Dry Performance

Stay cool inside, when it gets cold outside.

In winter, you can trust in the tyre’s pattern design. Its shape helps you stay on top of things when the roads turn white and slippery. The tyres deal with snow even on curvy roads and keep your car stable during your ride. So, the name says it all: The ALLSEASON-GRIP is designed for optimal traction, even under wintry conditions.


Stay light-hearted in heavy rain.

When it rains cats and dogs, your tyres will safely take you to any desired destination. The tyre concept includes a V-shaped profile structure, that ensures good drainage of water and slush. This results in stable handling and short braking distances even in rain. So, when it’s rainy, just take it easy!

Wet Performance

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