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Technical Details

Precise handling on dry roads.

High pattern rigidity ensures precise steering behaviour and greater driving stability, particularly when cornering.

Reduced wear for increased mileage.

Refined pattern rib structure provides well-balanced pressure distribution over the contact area, less rolling friction and increased mileage.

Improved driving characteristics on wet surfaces for greater safety.

Optimised pattern geometry with wide center grooves and extra gripping edges ensures better water dispersion, more grip and thereby more control when steering and braking in wet conditions.

Test results


ADAC, ÖAMTC and TCS rates our Speed-Life 3 summer tire as "Satisfactory" in the 2024 summer tire test. The dimension 215/55 R17 98W was tested.

About our SpeedLife 3

  • Very good  in mileage
  • Good in environmental balance
  • Good in efficiency and tire wear

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