Semperit new winter tire series

New winter tires provides safe progress through the deepest Winter and high mileages all year round

  • New WINTER series from SEMPERIT serves commercial vehicles for regional and long-haul transportation in extremely cold and severe winter conditions
  • Optimized compound offers excellent grip on snow and wet surfaces throughout the tire’s lifespan
  • Two-season tread for grip in winter and high mileages from spring to fall

Hanover, September 14th, 2021. The wind whips across the fields, blowing snow and hail as it goes, as white mountain tops disappear from view in the low-lying clouds. The limited visibility and icy roads demand the highest levels of concentration from the driver. But the new winter tire series from Continental tire brand SEMPERIT defies the elements and gets the vehicle and cargo to their destination safely and on schedule. “We have equipped the WINTER F2 and D2 tires with a special winter tread design which delivers secure performance in regions with particularly cold, long and harsh winters – such as the Alps or lower mountain ranges,” explains Hinnerk Kaiser, Head of Product Development Bus and Truck Tires EMEA. “These tires are designed for regional and long-haul transportation and provide excellent grip on snow and wet surfaces, without compromising on mileage, wear and tread durability.” The tire compound has been further developed to provide optimal interaction between the tread pattern and compound. Added to which, the tires put in a strong showing from spring until the fall with a two-season tread that offers outstanding mileage yet still the same impressive traction and optimal fuel consumption.

Semperit Winter D2

Special winter tire technology

For the new D2 winter tire on the drive axle, the tire developers at Continental have come up with a special winter tread design which helps to maximize traction using various attributes. On the one hand, the balance between tread compound and tread pattern provides exceptional grip and offers a high mileage.

Zig-zag-shaped sipes assist traction and their depth also ensures excellent winter performance and mileage. In addition, longitudinal grooves with narrow zig-zag radii enhance tire-road adherence. They also improve stone ejection, helping to avoid tire damage in the process. This winter tire technology allows the WINTER D2 to deliver high levels of traction throughout its lifespan.

Semperit Winter F2

All-year tread design

The new WINTER F2 winter tire likewise has a specialized tread design that provides excellent grip even in extremely challenging winter conditions. To this end, the tire has lateral grooves and sipes on the shoulder rib, as well as angled zig-zag sipes, which combine to improve steering and braking traction, in particular. Advances made with the tread compound allow the tire to deliver more secure winter performance all round. The tire’s two-season tread design enables it to offer good mileage capability from the spring until the fall. Modified groove geometry, including longitudinal grooves with zig-zag shapes, full-width sipes and deep pocket sipes, ensures optimized fuel consumption. The new winter tire series from SEMPERIT maintains good contact between the vehicle and the road – even in extreme weather conditions.

The Winter D2 tire is available in size 315/70 R 22.5, and the Winter F2 can be ordered in 295/80 R 22.5, 315/70 22.5, 315/80 22.5, 385/55 22.5 and 385/65 22.5 formats.

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